About Men of Christ

Our Mission

We want Catholic men to live their faith boldly.

Our vision is to create an environment that will evangelize, catechize, and unify Catholic men. The mission is to honor our Lord Jesus Christ by bringing Catholic men together, thereby forming a brotherhood that will empower each man to boldly live his Catholic faith.

We will start with Christ and end with Christ as everything we do is for His glory. We will work hard to create bonds between men that will allow them to grow in their Catholic faith and stand together during times of adversity. We will not compromise on the true message of Jesus and His Church. We understand there is a spiritual battle taking place, and are willing to engage in this battle for our families, our faith, and our country. Finally, we are proud to be Catholic, and we feel it is our duty to share this wonderful gift with other men.

Our Coat of Arms provides a unique visual representation of who we are and what we are seeking to accomplish:

The Sword represents one of our patron saints, St. Michael, and the need to engage in the spiritual battle, as well as fight for justice.

The Mallet represents our second patron saint, St. Joseph, and the importance of fatherhood, perseverance, and trust in the Lord.

The Shield represents the necessity of defending our family, our faith, and our country.

The Heart & Thorns represent our loyalty to Christ through His Sacred Heart.

The Papal Keys represent our loyalty to the Pope and the Magisterium.

The Cross represents the importance of sacrifice and the necessity of penance.

• The Latin phrase “Viri Christi” translates to “Men of Christ.”

Our Chaplains

Very Rev. Richard Heilman

Very Rev. Richard Heilman

Very Rev. Richard M. Heilman is a priest for the Diocese of Madison. Father Heilman is Pastor of St. Mary of Pine Bluff, and is the Vicar Forane for the West Dane Vicariate. He is a past Wisconsin State Chaplain for the Knights of Columbus. Father Heilman founded an apostolate for men’s faith formation called the Knights of Divine Mercy. Fr. Heilman is a leader, with Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, of the Catholic men’s movement, “The Holy League.”


He is the author of the Church Militant Field Manual. He has also authored five other books, calling men, especially, to ”Special Forces Training for the Life of Christ.”


He is the creator of the “Combat Rosary,” based on the original WWI military issue rosary. The Combat Rosary is now the Official Rosary of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. He founded the 501c3 called, “Combat Rosaries for Heroes,” which is dedicated to getting free Combat Rosaries, touched to a relic of the True Cross, to military, law enforcement and first responders.


Father Heilman is the founder and Spiritual Head of the United States Grace Force (USGF). To date, nearly 77,000 have enlisted in the USGF. The USGF is a “special operations force” specifically trained in spiritual warfare. Father Heilman and Doug Barry lead a popular weekly podcast entitled, "Grace Force Podcast."


Father is the chaplain for the Holy Family Homeschoolers. He is also very involved in pro-life activities as the chaplain for Pro-Life Wisconsin, Vigil for Life and the Women’s Care Center.

Rev. Eric Nielsen

Rev. Eric Nielsen

Rev. Eric Nielsen is pastor of the St. Paul's Catholic Student Center, the first Catholic Church in the United States to be located on a secular university campus.


Father Nielsen has been the pastor of Saint Paul’s since 2006 and a priest of the Diocese of Madison since 1995.


He led a multi-year, $30 million campaign to replace the aging facility  with a beautiful five-story student center and chapel in the heart of the 42,000-student University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The building exterior has a stunning two-story-high mural of the coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The oldest of seven children, Fr. Nielsen grew up in Oshkosh, graduated in 1984 from the UW in Civil Engineering, and entered Mundelein Seminary in 1990. As a young man he enjoyed a lot of outdoor activity and travel but now spends most of his time at Saint Paul’s encouraging students to focus on study and prayer as a path to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.


He is program director for The Rome Experience, an annual six-week experience for U.S. diocesan seminarians that immerses them in the living story of the Catholic Church through study, reflection and pilgrimages.